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Performer List Department

Any GP wishing to perform Primary Medical Services in England must be registered on the National Performers List. The links on the left hand side enable you to view a list of GPs who are registered in our area, view a list of GP practices, and apply for be included on the NHS England National Performers List.

If you have any questions about being included on the national performers list please contact the Performer List team at or via the main switchboard number (0118) 918 3333.


Finance Department

Please find Finance forms for completion via the links to the left, here you will find finance forms for GPs who have joined the performers list and for Locum or Sessional GPs.

If you have any queries regarding the completion and submission of these forms please contact the Finance team via the main switchboard number (0118) 918 3333


From 01/06/2015 TVPCA is no longer a DBS Umbrella Body Organisation. Click here for Details of Umbrella Bodies



We provide verification of contractor & patient claims. We also provide monitoring & review so that you can be assured that claims are valid


Open Exeter

For access to Open Exeter Portal, including application forms

Open Exeter


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